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nftfw -Updating nftfw

Get current version

If you've installed nftfw from a zip or tar file, then revisit the github pages and pull the current version. Unpack and install the files.

If you used git, then change to the your nftfw source directory and

$ git pull

which will pull the files that have changed, and will also tell you if you are up-to-date.

If you've run the nftfw system tests, git will complain about some new files. In the nftfw directory:

$ cd tests
$ make clean

will remove the files created by the tests, and the pull should now work.

To use git in future:

$ sudo apt install git
# I put my copy in /usr/local/src, and need to be root to install
$ cd /usr/local/src
$ sudo git clone

Re-install the nftfw Python modules & programs

# cd into the installed nftfw directory
$ sudo pip3 install .
# will uninstall the old version say
Successfully installed nftfw-<version>

Re-run the script

Will update files in your etc/nftfw directory, but will not touch any working files. The original directory may contain changes that are useful to you. You can use diff to compare your working versions with the distribution.