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nftfwadm - support for installation of the Nftfw firewall generator


| nftfwadm [-h] [-c config] [-o option] [-x | -f | -i | -q | -v ] [save|restore|clean]


nftfw(1) generates firewalls based on information derived from control files. It creates a new set of command files ready for loading in the kernel and tests them using nft(1). If the test succeeds, it makes a backup of the kernel settings before installing the new rule set into the kernel. If installation fails, nftfw loads the kernel tables from the backup and deletes it, restoring the running system to the known safe version. nftfw deletes the backup file if installation succeeds.

When testing a new firewall setup, it can be useful to be able to backtrack to a known working version, so nftfw will not create a new backup file if one already exists. The nftfwadm command provides the save action to preload the backup file so that nftfw can revert to a known working version on any failure. The restore action reloads the saved backup settings into the kernel and deletes the backup file. The clean command deletes the backup file.

These are the available options to the program:

-h, --help

: Prints brief usage information.

-c, --config CONFIG

: Supply a alternate configuration file, overriding any values from the default system settings.

-i, --info

: List all the configuration names and settings

-O, --Option OPTION

: OPTION is keyword=value and may be comma separated list of configuration options. The values override any settings in the configuration file.

-q, --quiet

: Suppress printing of errors and information messages to the terminal, syslog output remains active. Terminal output is suppressed when the output is not directed to a terminal

-v, --verbose

: Change the default logging settings to INFO to show all errors and information messages.


Files can be located in / or /usr/local.


: Location of control files.


: Location of the backup file, build.d, test.d, install.d, lock files and the sqlite3 databases storing file positions and blacklist information


See GitHub Issues:


Peter Collinson (huge credit to the ideas from Patrick Cherry's work for the firewall for the Symbiosis hosting system).


nft(1), nftfwls(1), nftfwedit(1), nftfw-config(5), nftfw-files(5)